Website Of The Week: The Outline

This week’s Website Of The Week comes from The Outline, an American news, culture, and current events blog.

The first thing I noticed about this site is how visually breathtaking it is. There is absolutely no wasted space here – every single corner is packed full of bright colour, glorious visuals and stunning interactivity.

The Outline really seems to be pushing the boundaries of what a website can do. The aesthetic relies heavily on a collage feel, with big, chunky typefaces and overlapping elements. Each story has its own unique look and feel, with exciting animation and an intelligent use of space.

The mobile view is also extremely effective. Each story element transforms into a ‘catalogue’ you can swipe through, giving the user the feeling that they are flicking through a magazine rather than looking at a website.

The Outline

The design team want you to ‘swipe around, tap in, go scroll crazy,’ and this is definitely a website you can completely lose yourself in.

Obviously, all these crazy visual elements come with a cost. Upon entering the site into GTMetrix, it reveals not to be the fastest website in the world.

But with this amount of responsiveness and stunning aesthetics, who cares? Clearly what the site lacks in terms of speed it makes up for in visual greatness. This is one of the most intriguing new sites I’ve come across in recent years, and it has set the bar high for what you can traditionally achieve through a website.

Aesthetic: 5/5

Responsiveness: 5/5

Mobile view: 5/5

Overall rating:

The Outline

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