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Website Of The Week: Sagmeister & Walsh

This week’s Website of the Week comes from Sagmeister & Walsh, a dynamic design duo based in New York.

Being a slick New York a design firm, one would expect their website to push the boundaries beyond the ordinary, and they have surely succeeded in doing that.

Take a look at the homepage. At first glance you might think you’re looking at a still image, but keep looking and you’ll realise its moving! What is more, this is a live feed from the Sagmesiter & Walsh headquarters.

This is beginning to feel slightly like a scene from 1984. But have you ever seen anything like this on a website before? I certainly haven’t! It makes keeping watch over your employees a little bit easier, but I can’t help wondering if they know they’re being watched… I sure hope so.

The clever thing about this homepage is that the site links are embedded into the windows, making the user feel like they’re interacting with the world inside the screen. However, this can take a while to notice if you’re captivated by the live feed.

When a link is clicked, a new page slides in from the bottom or the side. Text completely fills the screen from left to right, which can be slightly overwhelming. Although the stark black and white colour scheme fits in well with the overall aesthetic, it does feel a little bit hard on the eyes at times.

Sagmeister Walsh

Rather than trying to replicate the desktop view, the mobile view has gone for a completely different and altogether more suitable layout, focusing more on images rather than text.

When I analysed the site on GTMetrix, it showed the site to have quite an impressive speed – 82% – considering the amount of information involved. This implies that the site is relatively well designed, without too much code slowing it down.

Overall, the Sagmeister & Walsh site is extremely impressive, and succeeds in reflecting the design firm’s quirky yet slick image.

Aesthetic: 5/5

Responsiveness: 4/5

Mobile View: 5/5

Overall Rating:

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