Website Of The Week: BLOK London

This week’s website of the week comes from BLOK, a London based fitness space located in Clapton, E5.

What makes this site special?

The first thing that drew me to this website is that the designer has cleverly taken the word ‘BLOK’ and built the site around that aesthetic. The first two ‘blocks’ present clear call to actions – ‘book’ and ‘buy,’ with bright, neon colours juxtaposing the clean white background.

Scroll down and you’ll see a neatly placed slideshow within the masonry format. Upon further inspection, this is a package from Flickity (, a company specialising in ‘touch, responsive, flickable carousels.’ When viewing the homepage on mobile, you can see just how natural and responsive this slider is to touch.

Delve deeper into the site and you’ll find that the designer takes advantage of negative space, creating a satisfying contrast between bright, neon hues and the starkness of the background. Take the ‘instructors’ section – black and white photos transform into exciting neon gradients when hovering.

All in all, this site has a simple yet effective aesthetic, and there is a lot of exciting, user-friendly interactivity. The only negative thing I can see is the absence of a favicon. Little details like that can really make a site stand out in your browser! Apart from that, this is definitely one of the best new websites I’ve come across recently.

Aesthetic: 5/5

Responsiveness: 4/5

Mobile View: 4/5

Overall Rating:

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