SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving your organic search ranking on Google and other major search engines through the structure of your website. Organic search listings are listings that appear because of their relevance to the search terms typed in by the user, as opposed to paid advertisements.

As a general rule, the more traffic driven to your site, the better your website will perform in organic search rankings, which is where paid advertising or pay per click comes in. However, the structure, speed and how often you update your site will also have an impact on your SEO performance.

All of our websites are carefully structured in such a way that allows Google and other major search engines to easily crawl the data, allowing your business to improve its organic search ranking and rise above the competition.

What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the model in which advertisers pay to have their business listed in the results of major search engines such as Google or Bing. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you have to pay a small fee. Below is a diagram showing where PPC adverts generally appear on Google.

There are many different facets to creating a successful PPC campaign, from carefully selecting the right keywords to creating dynamic ads, drawing people to click on your ad and increasing your conversions. A conversion is when someone clicks on your ad and then takes an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase.

Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, we can analyse your customer base and build the right campaign to allow your business to broadcast to the right audience. It all starts with a click!


Set Your Budget

Firstly, you have to decide how much you want to spend per day on PPC. This amount can vary depending on your business goals, but it is better to start small and increase if necessary.

Choose Keywords

Developing a strong selection of keywords is an ongoing process. Search terms must be continuously monitored to ensure that your ad is only being triggered in the right context.


Using Google Analytics, we can find out certain traits about your customer base. In this way, we can consistently improve and target your ads towards potential clients.