• Basic

  • £100-
    • 1 Page
    • Simple Design
    • Perfect For Personal Blog Or Landing Page

  • Artist Portfolio

  • £200-
    • 1-3 Pages Including Contact Page
    • Responsive, Image-Based Design
    • Ideal For Photographers, Artists, Illustrators, etc.

  • Small Business

  • £500-
    • Up To 7 Pages
    • Number Of Different Services Or Products
    • E-Commerce Options Available

  • Pro

  • £800-
    • 8+ Pages
    • Large Number Of Services & Products
    • Online Booking & E-Commerce Options Available

Support Plan: £30/Month

Once your site is up and running, you’ll notice that there are consistent updates that need to be made as your themes or plug-ins release new features. These updates are integral to your site’s security. Our support plan will cover everything needed to keep your site safe and up-to-date.

Blog & Copywriting Plan: £30/Month

Your blog is an incredibly helpful tool allowing you to improve your SEO, increase online presence and add personality and flare to your brand. Our expert copy writers can update your blog on a weekly basis with thoughtful and engaging content. If you’d like an example of a blog, check out ours HERE!